Self-service for XJTLU Account

What’s UIM?

  • • UIM (Unified Identity Management)provides unified identity lifecycle/authentication/audit/application log-on management
  • • Single Sign-On
  • • Self-service (change/retrieve password)
  • • URL:

  • What can you do with UIM?

    ①If you remember the password

    Bind personal email/cellphone


    Change password


    ②If you forget the password

    Retrieve password (with personal email/cellphone bound)


    If you forget the password without binding mobile phone & personal email,please send a request of resetting password to via your personal mailbox (not XJTLU mailbox) with belowing materials:

  • • Your XJTLU account and XJTLU student/staff ID;
  • • Photo of your XJTLU student/staff ID card (smaller than 2MB);
  • • Photo of your resident identify card/passport (smaller than 2MB);
  • MITS will bind your personal mailbox to your XJTLU account after verifying your identity, then you can login UIM again to retrieve your password.

  • • XJTLU账号、学号或工号;
  • • XJTLU学生卡/员工卡 照片(2MB以下);
  • • 个人身份证/护照/港澳台证 照片(2MB以下);
  • 在核实你的身份信息后,MITS将会将你的个人邮箱与XJTLU帐号绑定,然后即可登录UIM并自行找回密码。

    How to bind personal email/cellphone


     Input username (without suffix) and password, click on Login button.

    2. Bind personal email (Optional)

     If the personal mailbox has not been bound, the personal mailbox binding window will be poped up once you logged in.
     You can complete the binding according to the steps in the figure, or click Cancel to bind later.

    3. Switch to the Security Tab.

    4. Click on the Binding link to start the bind process.

    a) Input your personal email address, click on Send code, input the verification code you received and click on OK to finish the binding.
      输入个人邮箱,点击Send code, 输入Verification code点击OK完成绑定。

    b) Input your personal cellphone No., click on Send code, input the verification code you received and click on OK to finish the binding.
      输入手机号后点击Send code, 输入Verification code点击OK完成绑定。

    5.Update personal email or phone Num.

    If there is any change about the personal email/cellphone, you can click on Modify to update, or click Unbound to unbind.

    How to change password

    1.Open link, enter username (without mail address suffix)and password, click on Login button.

    2. Click on the “Password”Tab

    3. Input your old password, new password and confirm the new password
     *Please follow the password principle.

    4.Click on OK,the password will be updated.

    How to retrieve password

    1. Open, and click on the link Forgot Password.

    2. Enter username(without suffix) and verification code on page.

    3. Click on Next and choose a verification method.

    SMS短信验证: Only while your cellphone Num. has been bound.
    Email邮箱验证: Only while your personal email address (Non XJTLU email) has been bound.

    4. UIM will send a verification code by SMS/email.

    5. Check SMS or mail and input the verification code that you received.

    6. Set and confirm the new password following the password principle.

    7. Click on Next button, the new password will take effect.