Service Scope for user private computer

The IT services for user private computers/私人的电脑服务包括:

    1. Related to campus wired/wireless network, email and account login verification/涉及我校网络和无线,邮箱,账号认证等相关IT服务

    2. For issue of application such as ebridge, Learning Mall, UTALK, etc. Business/data problem after login is handled by user departments (Registry, CET CCTC, etc.) / ebridge, Learning Mall UTALK,等应用系统出现的问题,一般以是否成功能够登陆为标准,即完成登陆以后遇到的业务问题转交用户部门处理(教务,CET, CCTC等)

    3. Installation of educational software on Library 4th floor/四楼教育软件的安装

       • MITS is responsible for software installation /MITS负责安装软件

       • It is recommended to download user manual and tutorial videos from software official websites. Onsite training services are not provided/推荐师生去软件官网下载用户手册或教学视频(更加权威和专业),不提供现场培训和教会服务

       • According to training requirements from feedbacks of the majority of faculties and students, MITS will arrange software training and workshop periodically/MITS会根据大多数师生反馈的培训需求,定期组织软件培训和Workshop

IT services NOT provided to private computers/对于私人电脑,我们不提供以下服务:

    1. Hardware maintenance (should be repaired by after-sales of vendor/硬件维修由供应商售后维修)

    2. Installation of operation system and Microsoft Office / 操作系统重装以及Microsoft Office安装

    3. Software irrelevant to MITS IT services/我校IT服务无关的各种软件

    4. Remote assistance/远程协助

IT services NOT provided to XJTLU Fee Payment Platform/不提供西交利物浦收费平台服务

    XJTLU Fee Payment Platform uses Student ID as user name, thus it has a different password. You can reset your password by clicking the forget password button on the web page. This platform is operated and maintained by China Citic Bank, please contact them for any concern or inquiries. / 西交利物浦收费平台的用户名是学号,密码是另外一套。忘记密码可以在网页上点忘记密码重置。该平台是由中信银行提供和维护的,有问题可联系收费平台登录页面的咨询电话。