XJTLU Account Self-Activation (Student)

Step1: Scan the QR code. 【扫描二维码】

Scan the QR code or click self-activation to open the website.


Any issues, please contact:UIMAdmin@xjtlu.edu.cn


Step2: Identity verification.【验证身份】

Student ID: Student ID in XJTLU 【XJTLU学号】

ID Type: The ID type used to apply XJTLU. 【申请所用证件类型】

 • Id card for Chinese citizen【中国公民身份证】;
 • Passport for foreigners【外国护照】;
 • 港澳臺證for student from Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan.

ID No.: Your ID Number. 【证件号】

Step3: Bind personal phone number. (Optional)【绑定个人手机号码(可选)】

Enter your frequently used cell phone number for binding, so that you can use it to retrieve your password if you forget it in the future, or you can Skip it and leave it unbound now.


Step4: Bind personal email. (Required)【绑定个人邮箱(必需)

Enter your frequently used personal email address (NOT xjtlu.edu.cn mail address) for binding, so that you can use this email address to retrieve your password if you forget it in the future.


Step5: Complete the Activation.【完成激活】

Click Done to complete the activation process, your account and password will be sent to your personal mailbox, please check.