Q : How to migrate my private file1 to BOX (XJTLU Campus Cloud Storage System)? (similar case to file2,file3)
A : For windows desktop :
Step 1 : login to enable the user account in first time
Step 2 : install desktop local driver “S” for BOX , refer drive_clent_for_windows
Step 3 : back up all files of file1 (M driver) to any local disk media
Step 4 : copy all files of file1(M driver) and paste these to S:\My Libraries\My Library , just few minutes
Step 5 : do not use file1(M driver) any more (file1 will be offline next academic year)
Step 6 : install mobile version and can view all files by phone. refer client_mobile

Q : How to migrate Portal Document to BOX for department/committee shared folder?
A : MITS staff will help migrate Portal Document to BOX for each department/committee in coming weeks.
(file1 and Portal Document will be offline and replaced by BOX next academic year)

Q : How to share my document to my student group or others who is not XJTLU users? (for staff)
Step 1 : sharing_links
Step 2 : send out E-mail which contains web link