BOX (XJTLU Campus Cloud Storage System) provides unified and centralized storage by meeting various storage needs across campus. It will replace current multiple fragmented storage services like file1,file2,file3, FTP and Portal document. Its function and feature is similar to Dropbox and Baidu Yun:

  • Each staff’s private space is expanded from 10G (file1) to 100G
  • Staff can share his/her private folder/document to external people by creating web link
  • Department/committee’s shared space is expended from 50G (Portal Doc) to 1T with access right management
  • Support online preview for various type of document and video file
  • Support full-text search and version control
  • Support web page mode and desktop local drive mode
  • Support various OS and mobile device like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Users can restore any deleted files or modified files within 180 days by self-service.

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