How do I archive Email data to local disk?

Basically there are two types of archiving – Manual Archiving and Auto Archiving
Now the question arises which option of archiving is suitable. If you have set the rules in Auto Archiving then you don’t need to do Manual Achieving as Auto Archive automatically archive all data according to specify date and time. If you want to archive data in bulk then you can do this via Manual Archiving Method.

Manual Archiving
Step 1: Click on the “FILE” menu once you enter Outlook.

Step 2: Click on “Cleanup Tool” box seen on the Account Information page.

Click on “Archive...” from the drop down menu.

Step 4: Once we select archive, we will get a dialog box as shown below. There will be two options:

“Archive all folders according to their AutoArchive settings”
“Archive this folder and all sub folders”
The user can select the folder needed and can change the date accordingly.
Step 5: Click the Browse button if you want to change the default store location for your archive.
Step 6: Click on Ok to begin archiving

In AutoArchiving, the emails are automatically moved to archive if user has mentioned the preferred location, the days after which archiving takes place, and so on.
Step 1: Run Outlook and click on “FILE” menu seen on the top.

Step 2: Select “Options” from Account Information screen.

Step 3: Select “Advanced” from the Outlook Options window

Step 4: Click on “AutoArchive Settings...” to make the required changes. One can change the time at which archiving should take place, the location at which it must be stored, and so on. There are many options that should be set.
Step 4.1: Put a tick on the checkbox “Run AutoArchive every…days” and change the number of days to specify how often the AutoArchive should be done.
Step 4.2: If you want to get notified about archiving, click on the checkbox “Prompt before AutoArchive runs”.
Step 4.3: Archive options in “During AutoArchive”.
“Delete expired items (e-mail folders only)”
“Archive or delete old items”
“Show archive folder in folder list”
Step 4.4: Choose the number of months, weeks or days items older to which must be cleaned out by Outlook.
Step 4.5: Click on the radio button “Move old items to” to either the default location or the one you have selected for storing the archive output.
Step 4.6: Click on the radio button “Permanently delete old items” to remove old items.
NOTE: If the user wants to specify the settings to a specific folder then right-click on the folder, choose Properties and reset to AutoArchive.

Step 5: Once finished, click on “OK” button to implement the changes
To view folder after archiving Go to File >> Open >> Outlook Data File >> Select the Archive folder. After archiving storage space is freed up and the efficiency of Outlook will definitely improve.