How do I process spam email?

When user receive Email Spam alert Email, user can click links in email or open to access Anti-Spam web interface.
Enter the mailbox account and password to log in.

2.Browse received spam
You can see the recent of spam after login.

You can use quick filter to browse release spam and unreleased spam;

3.Release regular mail
Select the message and click the “release” to release the Spam suspicious mail back to user mail box. The system will add the email address to your personal whitelist;
Release regular mail by step following figure:

4. Personalized configuration
User can add the blacklist and white list manually by Advanced Options.
Click on the upper right corner you can manage your personalized configuration.

In the black and white list configuration, you can manually add e-mail addresses and the sender domains.

Other setting:
System adds recipient E-mail address to white list automatically when you send out an E-mail;

Receive spam report every day;