EZproxy User Manual

EZproxy is the industry-leading robust middleware solution for remote user authentication. EZproxy access and authentication software allows your library to deliver to e-content simply and effectively. EZproxy facilitates a single sign-in to e-content using existing library-issued credentials, such as a library card number and PIN or username and password. EZproxy works by dynamically altering the URLs within the webpages provided by your database vendor. The URLs of these webpages are changed to reflect your EZproxy server instead, causing your users to return to the EZproxy server as they access links on these webpages. The result is a seamless access environment for your users without the need for proxy configuration on the user's client.

EZproxy是一款业内领先且可靠强大的远程用户认证中间件解决方案。认证对图书馆和信息检索者来说都是重要问题,部分图书馆资源要求授权访问,而远程的信息检索者则希望进行无障碍访问。 EZproxy 关联众多内容提供商,包括 OCLC、EBSCO、Gale 等。 此外,其还与各种验证服务关联,包括 LDAP、SIP 和 Shibboleth,从而减少用户需要记忆的授权编号和密码。 用户可以进行安全的远程访问,获取其在图书馆中检索到的基于 Web 且已获许可的内容。EZproxy 的作用是动态改变您的数据库供应商所提供的网页内的 URL。 通过改变这些网页的 URL 来反映您的 EZproxy 服务器,从而在您的用户访问这些网页上的链接时让他们返回到 EZproxy 服务器上。 如此,即可在不进行用户客户端代理配置的情况下,为用户提供一个无缝访问环境。

1. If your device is connected to campus network, you can directly access the database through link on Library website: http://libguides.lib.xjtlu.edu.cn/az.php.
如果您是在校内网使用:你可以通过图书馆网站上提供的数据库链接直接访问数据库:http://libguides.lib.xjtlu.edu.cn/az.php ,不需要额外的其他信息

2. If you are off campus, you can also click the database link. The only difference: You are required to input XJTLU account and password. After the authentication, the system will redirect to database.

然后您就可以跟内网一样使用该数据库了。Then you can use the database just as on campus.

3. Please note that: If we use ezproxy to access database, the database URL will automatically transform to ezproxy format. For example: If you access American College of Chest Physicians Journal database, the URL will automatically add ezproxy tag. This is a sign of using ezproxy accessing database.
特别注意我们通过EZproxy来访问数据库,我们的数据库链接是会自动做URL转换的,比如您访问:American College of Chest Physicians Journal 数据库,链接会自动为您加上我们的ezproxy URL标识,这是您在校外通过ezproxy正常访问数据库的标识:

4. Moreover, you can access all data resources searched from Discovery after authentication off campus. All the operations are same as on campus.
For example, if you search xin gai nian ying yu in Discovery, you can still view the search result off campus. But for detailed information of the resource, you are required to login.
例如您在Discovery中搜索:xin gai nian ying yu


PS: Please keep your password confidential. Currently, the download limit for each person per day is 500M. IP addresses which used the account will also be recorded. If your account is illegally used by other people, the system will close the account and implement investigation. We suggest you use a strong password.
If you have any question, please send to IT@xjtlu.edu.cn or call 88161250 Management