My useful email is blocked by Anti-Spam system, why?

Q: My useful email is blocked by Anti-Spam system, why?

Campus Mail Anti-Spam system blocks hundreds of thousands Spam mail every day. It give us a clean environment for work. Without Anti-Spam system, our mail box will be full of the rubbish in one day. But as nothing is perfect in the world, any Anti-Spam IT system cannot promise 100% accuracy. Anti-Spam system likes a AI Robert to filter mail based on criterion. Currently, we just use its minimum filter mechanism because we not only block spam mail, but also reduce disturb to user.

If we find our useful mail is blocked in SPAM area, it is easy to do :
1. When user receive Email Spam alert Email, user can click links in email or open to access Anti-Spam web interface. Select the useful mail and click the “release” to release it. The system will add the email address to whitelist and does not block it any more in future.
2. We can add white list manually directly in system so these mail address will not be blocked forever.
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