How to scan

Approach 2

Place your document to be scanned face up in the feeder on top of the machine, or face down if using the glass. For the duplex scan, recommend place the document in the feeder.

After swipe your card via the card area of the printer, and press the SCAN button on the left panel, the screen will display as below 4-1, select "Email" tab.

When select "Manual Entry" on the screen, it will display as below 4-2. Please input your email address into the text box, and press "OK" as 4-3 shown below.

When select "Scan Settings" on the screen, it will display as below, to select the original Type (4-4), Resolution (4-5), and Scan Size (4-6). Press "OK" after finish setting.

When select "Send File Type/Name" on the screen, it will display as 4-7, to select the document type. Press "OK" after finish setting.

After completed all setting, press "Start" button to initiate scanning.

After completed all tasks, it is available to press "Scanned Files Status" to check status of each task.

Please swipe your card again to exit your account.

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