Approach 2 - Print via web

Users can submit a print job from any computer or device at hand, such as workstation PCs, laptops and notebooks, mobile devices and tablets via web in XJTLU campus intranet. Users upload the print job to the website "" (Suzhou campus) or "" (Taicang campus). The print job is then made available for the user to collect at any printer under the printing system. Supported documents include Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, TXT, and it is only possible to print A4 and A3.

Please note, a more complex or long document is unfit for this service. Such as you want to print one sheet of Excel document, several PPT slides into one page, and the file with size greater than 20MB. In which case you will need to print in the standard way by logging on to a campus lab computer.

Submit a print job

Users log on to the Self-service Web Print System (Suzho campus) or (Taicang campus) in XJTLU campus intranet with their XJTLU account.

Click “Web Print” tab in the top menu, and then click the “Choose File” button to select a document to print.

Click “Next” button to upload the document. In the display screen, select one of the four print types based on how you'd like your document to be printed out. If necessary, check the “Advanced” options box to change the default configuration. Anyway, you need to click the button “Print” to print your document, or the system will delete you uploaded file after 24 hours.

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