How to use ID card for printing

When the screen of All-in-one printer displays as below, it is available for printing.

There is a card reader on every printer under the self-service printing system. Once you swipe your card onto it, the main menu will show up. You can choose to print or scan (E-mail).

Click [Pull Print] button, all the documents you have submitted for printing will be displayed.

At this screen, you can click [Print all] button to print all the submitted jobs. Or, you can choose one or more jobs, and then click [Print] or [Delete] to print or delete your print jobs.



  • Please make sure the screen displays "Use your card to login" before you swipe your ID card.
  • Swipe the card somewhere above the swipe reader and remove the card upon a sound of “Di”.
  • If you see "credit too low" when printing, please login to check your printing account status.
    • If your disposable value is lower than 0 (Disposable = Acc.1 + Acc.2 - Low limit), please send an email to to initialize and release your account.
    • If you have credit being reserved as the image below, please try one hour later, you can report the problem to with your ID number and account name if it still can't work.

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