Why the WiFi is slow sometime and somewhere?

Sometimes you may feel the speed of campus wireless network is slow or even has login problem .It might because:

- AP (Access Point) device error in some area
- Too many students in one area (More than 30 users connecting to one AP at the same time may affect the network experience)
- In some area, there might be no signal (Install AP could solve the problem)

Please call 88161250 or mail to IT@xjtlu.edu.cn to report the location and description. MITS Office will assign an engineer to check and fix the problem. Or, you can bring your laptop to CB956A IT Service Center to check on site.

- 某个局部区域的AP设备有故障
- 某个区域同学聚集集中登录,一般情况下,一个局部区域的AP接入的用户超过30个,无线体验可能会受到影响
- 校园的某些局部区域信号覆盖不到(这个只需增设AP设备就可以)

只要通过打电话88161250 或发邮件IT@xjtlu.edu.cn , 告知具体的方位和场景,我们会迅速派出工程师检查和维修,也可以携带笔记本电脑直接来CB 9楼IT服务中心现场检查。